Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hello mcm x caye da puasa.....hahaha this month puasa and exam ARRGGHH gonna be a stress month for the muslim....nnti sakit perut mse tgh exam x leh nk concentrate huhuhu kesian i wish im not gonna be like that. but BEST thing abt puasa is tht ada jual kuih muih yg sedap hahahaha and lg bnyk special dier tp uhmm x nk taip hee hee and also the best thing abt puasa is bile da hbs puaasa.......RAYA!!!!! caching $$$$ duit raya mari hahaha and some fireworks and then bunga api then kereta api then yea ade la something like that hahhaahaha ok BYE *ONE REPUBLIC OWNS!!!!!*

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