Tuesday, July 26, 2011


okaaaay today im gonna be blogging about teenagers favourite word which is "AWESOME" of course its my favourite word too :D. oookay well basically its a word thats use to describe almost evrything :D. for example.... "hows the weather"? AWESOME. "how does the food taste like? AWESOME. "How are you feeling"? AWESOME. its basically describe everything. Well for me everytime i watched a movie, i will post at Facebook. The movie was awesome :D. Errrr what else...? well its a word of pure awesomeness. (LOLOL nothing to say dah!) ermmm dame i got this idea to blog abt this few days ago and it was suppose to be looooooong. darn it :P. welll i guess thats about it :D. byeeeeeeee ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


okaay today's school was errr okay i guess. the awesome was when PJ subject. Me and the geng was playin football then some form4's join. not some but many i think :o. Anyways aqie invite them to have a match with us. Then they said our team not enough person to fight them cuz their like 20+!!! were only 6 person :D. but then then we said okay and............... thea match BEGINS!!!!. it was a freindly match cuz we all laughed throughout the game TROLOLOL. 1st they scored. then we scored back! :D. all my geng were super power footballers hehehe. i suck a bit or alot :D. all dribble2 one LOL. then at the last minute they scored another D:. My twin tried to make an equaliser but the keeper saved it hmmph. But they all still awesome. wellll thats the awesome part other were normal :B. ohh ya there was this one prefect that dint say hi to me hmm...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ermm BACK!!!

hiii guysssss :D. im backk! been a while since i last posted a blog. well good news! imma start updating it daily about life :D. (hopefully) welll heres one last night i had dream about cats chasing me and biting me, kinda hurts you know D:. but.......... i still love cats meow :3. hrmmm what more shud i talk about??? im done for now :D. remember!!! updating it every saturday or friday :D. byeee :D

Friday, May 20, 2011

MBPJ (folio sejarah)

Today on Friday 20mei i went to MBPJ with a few friends Ammar,musaddiq and aqil. Ammar's dad sent us there. after arrive there we had to wait for 20minutes or somethning like that. LOLL bad timing. oh waiy be4 that. had launch at Ammar's house hehehehe. food was great man! then after waiting we knock at the door for 1st time they say they having function or stuff. then we wait some more and decided to knock again. before i was gonna knock, one of the pegawai pulled me away and say "Sekolah mano ni? dah dapat jumpe da pegawai"? hahaha! then i answer. i thought he was gonna drag me walk around MBPJ lol! guess he was just being sporting. that was one of the laughable moments :D. then after a while we finnaly got in and got our information that we need. i had to delete some stuff at the drive, there was 2 glee episodes on it lololool so embarrasing. then after MPBJ take a walk around there and found a restaurant name "Ukhwang". it was DELICIOUS!!! roti canai only 40sen LOLOLOL cheap and delicious. i had 2 roti canai and 1 sirap limau for only rm2 nice right? then after that we went home. Ammar's dad so sporting. thanks for the ride man! appreciated it :D. Thats all for now. bye bye. ~Coming home~

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Omg!!! exam is next weeek and i havent start my intensive studies yet!!! and now i can still blogging!!!! dame im a bad student. ohh well this is just for a while. gonna start studying in an hour i guess. then got tuition some more. its been a while since i updated blog. My blog look so nice now (perasan). whats the point of all the design if ur blog all old blog. sooo im gonna try to update it as often as i can. Goodbye for now! PEACE!!!! ~Disappear with the lights~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


OMGGGGGGG 2 days till Hsri Sukan!!!!! omg omg omg. i remembered giving my name for the running competition....aaaaahh!!!!!FYi im not an athlete sooo i suck at running. and the competators are FAST!!!! im suppose to train with my friend today but it was gonna rain ahhh D:. now im worried. tomorrow last day for training omg omg omg. i hope i do well and not get last LOL> wish me luck!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

New friends from different school :D

Hello!!! i just got back my blog pass :D took me sometime hhaahah. well this is the topic. these past few weeks i have made some awesome friends from a school called smk Manjalara. i know i never met them but i know thier awesome :D. i got friend request day by day and it all related to this one Person who love chocolate hahaha. its like my name is growing in the school (perasan...) anyway dah x de ape nk cakap sngt. wow pelik tetibe masuk bahasa melayu. anyway wish i could meet u guys someday :D that would be sooo much fun :) goodbye for now!!