Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hello mcm x caye da puasa.....hahaha this month puasa and exam ARRGGHH gonna be a stress month for the muslim....nnti sakit perut mse tgh exam x leh nk concentrate huhuhu kesian i wish im not gonna be like that. but BEST thing abt puasa is tht ada jual kuih muih yg sedap hahahaha and lg bnyk special dier tp uhmm x nk taip hee hee and also the best thing abt puasa is bile da hbs puaasa.......RAYA!!!!! caching $$$$ duit raya mari hahaha and some fireworks and then bunga api then kereta api then yea ade la something like that hahhaahaha ok BYE *ONE REPUBLIC OWNS!!!!!*

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Tommorow is the big game....... its Munich VS Crow Zero. Whos gonna win? of course la my team ape la commentary ni.Haha uhmm what to say.....esok game pkul 2.30.TOday ada training tp i cant go because kene study....this is called curi2 log in hahahaha power x? yo guys sorry x dapat dtg lol. TRain hard diorg tu x susah sngt if we think they is not hard. To the keeper. Jangan berangan nnti GOL plak. Pastu serious kene tp jgn terlalu serious nnti stress. This i dont is know what is else to say because u want me to write a bloog and now me write it. SO u have to read or i will come and see you at the principal office. Have a nice day and GOOD LUCK for tommorow. lol Written by the 2 and only (AMMAR)