Tuesday, July 26, 2011


okaaaay today im gonna be blogging about teenagers favourite word which is "AWESOME" of course its my favourite word too :D. oookay well basically its a word thats use to describe almost evrything :D. for example.... "hows the weather"? AWESOME. "how does the food taste like? AWESOME. "How are you feeling"? AWESOME. its basically describe everything. Well for me everytime i watched a movie, i will post at Facebook. The movie was awesome :D. Errrr what else...? well its a word of pure awesomeness. (LOLOL nothing to say dah!) ermmm dame i got this idea to blog abt this few days ago and it was suppose to be looooooong. darn it :P. welll i guess thats about it :D. byeeeeeeee ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


okaay today's school was errr okay i guess. the awesome was when PJ subject. Me and the geng was playin football then some form4's join. not some but many i think :o. Anyways aqie invite them to have a match with us. Then they said our team not enough person to fight them cuz their like 20+!!! were only 6 person :D. but then then we said okay and............... thea match BEGINS!!!!. it was a freindly match cuz we all laughed throughout the game TROLOLOL. 1st they scored. then we scored back! :D. all my geng were super power footballers hehehe. i suck a bit or alot :D. all dribble2 one LOL. then at the last minute they scored another D:. My twin tried to make an equaliser but the keeper saved it hmmph. But they all still awesome. wellll thats the awesome part other were normal :B. ohh ya there was this one prefect that dint say hi to me hmm...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ermm BACK!!!

hiii guysssss :D. im backk! been a while since i last posted a blog. well good news! imma start updating it daily about life :D. (hopefully) welll heres one last night i had dream about cats chasing me and biting me, kinda hurts you know D:. but.......... i still love cats meow :3. hrmmm what more shud i talk about??? im done for now :D. remember!!! updating it every saturday or friday :D. byeee :D